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Bio sculpture gel nails and Extensions

Bio Sculpture gel nails $60

Sculptured Extensions $85

Nail repairs from $7.00 (ea)

Removal $30

(Includes buff, shape and clear polish)

We reserve the right to decline to remove acrylic nails

Tuscan Tan 

Polished by Makala Tanning Services Mt Gambier

NEW Multi-base

Full body $40

Half body $25


Brows and Lashes

Eyelash Tint $15.50

Eyebrow Tint $15.50

Eyelash and Eyebrow $27 

Lash Lift (includes FREE lash tint) $70


Relaxation Massage/Hot Stone 

30 min relaxation $45

60 min relaxation $70

30 min hot stone $50

60 min hot stone $75


Women’s waxing

Eyebrow $17

Lip $15

Chin $17 

Underarm $15 

Arm $22

3/4 leg $27

Full leg $37

Bikini $19

Extended Bikini $22

Brazilian (landing strip) $45

XXX (totally bare) $45


Men’s waxing

Between brow $10

Half back $33

Full back $53

Shoulders $15 

Arms $25

Abdomen or chest $28

Abdomen & chest $48


Manicures / Pedicures

Mini manicure or pedicure $25

(Buff, shape, polish)

Deluxe manicure or Footlogix pedicure $49

(Exfoliation, cuticle treatment, massage, buff, shape, polish)

Add bio sculpture gel to either deluxe service for a combined price of $75

Princess Manicure or Pedicure $15

(Shape & Polish 14 & under)

With bio sculpture gel $25

Polished by Makala Beauty, Nails & Tanning Mt Gambier 

















Facials by Waterlily

30 min Power Facial $75

Professional 30 min power treatments featuring AHA and BHA exfoliants with advanced cosmeceutical actives for intense results

60 min Seasonal Spa Facial $99

Limited Edition Botanical Spa Facial celebrates the seasons by capturing a botanical harvest bursting with active nutrients to target skin hydration and health while visibly revitalising the complexion

30 min Petit Spa Facial $55

A cleansing facial to offer a quick pick me up

Princess Facial $25

(14years & under)


Seasonal Spa Facial 

60 minutes

HYDRATING | REBALANCING | NOURISHING for all skin types especially devitalised.

Waterlily’s limited edition Botanical Spa Facial celebrates the seasons by capturing a botanical harvest bursting with active nutrients to target skin hydration and health while visibly revitalising the complexion.

This 60 minute facial features a deep reconditioning cleanse, mineral crème clay exfoliation and an active massage emulsion layered with vitamin A, carotenes and pure essential oil concentrates. Once infused the Spa Facial is finished with a performance contour masque steeped in 2,000mg of active seasonal ingredients along with 500mg of pure vitamin C to energise and transform skin.

Each seasonal ritual is finished with an antiageing eye treatment. Marine collagen and white tea extracts are layered under a raspberry and spirulina mineral eye masque to deeply hydrate, brighten and firm.


Youth Elixir Spa Facial
90 minutes

ANTI-AGEING | REPLENISHING | ENRICHING for mature, dry and sensitive skin types

A deeply rejuvenating youth ritual rich in potent omega oils, molten nut butters, anti ageing vitamins, antioxidants and precious floral concentrates. Skin is visibly hydrated and softened while cell regenerating botanicals recondition tone and texture.

Drift into complete relaxation with an exquisite Aromatherapy compress of Moroccan rose, heartwoods and vanilla bean followed by a moisture locking double cleanse. Skin is exfoliated to tantalising smoothness with a warm crushed cocoa fondant crème followed by a luxury vitamin A serum drenched in berry seed oils and anti-ageing nutrients.

A second hydration serum boosted with collagen, passionflower and vitamin B5 is infused and layered under a silk peptide butter masque to plump skin texture. Once removed skin is treated to an anti-ageing moisture locking skin elixir for face eyes and lips.  


Fruit Enzyme Spa Facial
90 minutes

EXFOLIATING | BRIGHTENING | RESURFACING for pigmentation, fine lines and dull skin types

Lashing of smoothing fruit enzymes steeped in an aromatic professional Spa Facial exfoliates, brightens and refines leaving skin luminous and hydrated. Boosted with pure concentrates of crushed citrus, exotic berries and antiageing vitamins to brighten the complexion and recondition skin tone.

This sensory ritual prepares the skin for an enzymatic peeling masque layered with papaya and peptides. Skin is revitalised with a nourishing serum infusion of vitamin A, beta carotene and antioxidants to hydrate and renew.

A second moisture locking serum quenched with blackcurrant, mandarin and B5 is layered under a raspberry, lime and guava mineral masque to fight sun damage and signs of ageing. This revitalising skin treatment is complete with a multivitamin hydration application for face eyes and lips.

Phyto Nutrient Spa Facial
60 minutes

DETOXIFYING | CLARIFYING | EQUALISING for congested, oily and acne prone skin types

A professional treatment to botanically rebalance heal and strengthen the most problematic of skin types. This deeply clarifying facial neutralises excess oil with a combination of decongesting and antibacterial botanicals. The result is a reconditioning intensive treatment to promote a clear and confident complexion.

Deep cleansing combined with a healing herbal tisane prepares skin for a spirulina and mint mineral exfoliation to resurface skin. A nutrient rich vitamin serum fortified with extracts of carrot, pumpkin and pink grapefruit heal and replenish pitting, scarring and redness.

A second hydration serum drenched in marine extracts and moisture locking vitamins is infused under a performance contour masque of ginseng spirulina and pure vitamin C. Once removed skin is equalised with a balancing botanical formula for face eyes and lips.


Apple Collagen Spa Facial
60 minutes

SMOOTHING | FIRMING | BRIGHTENING for fine lines, pigmentation and dehydrated skin types 

A skin plumping face treatment drawing on pure organic apples to redefine skin surface for glowing radiance. An exotic blend of fruit enzymes, silk peptides and marine collagen deliver a firmer and more luminous complexion.

Fine lines and wrinkles are smoothed with a hydrating double cleanse followed by a kiwi fruit mineral exfoliation. A rejuvenating organic apple emulsion drenched in collagen, ginseng, silk peptides and anti-ageing vitamins is infused with Waterlily’s signature massage.

The benefits are locked in with a performance contour masque enriched with organic apple concentrate, marine nutrients, amino acids and pure vitamin C.


Vino Therapy Spa Facial
60 minutes

ANTIOXIDANT | PLUMPING ANTI-AGEING for premature ageing and sun damaged skin types

A rejuvenating face treatment to deeply renew, replenish and repair. Enriched with offerings of pure Shiraz wine, grape seed and antioxidant rich resveratrol, the potent free radical fighter. Formulated to protect skin from ageing while targeting skin tone texture and fine lines.

A treatment befitting Bacchus the Roman God of wine. This epicurean indulgence features a chocolate fondant exfoliation and decadent raw cacao emulsion with lashings of pomegranate and fig. Blended with antioxidant rich resveratrol and red wine to effectively protect and transform the complexion.

An enticing temptation complete with a performance masque boosted with Shiraz concentrate, strawberries, collagen enhancing resveratrol and pure vitamin C.


Triple Berry Spa Facial
60 minutes

REBALANCING BRIGHTENING | STRENGTHENING for acne prone, pigmentation and dehydrated skin types

An antioxidant berry blend of raspberry, strawberry and blueberry whipped into a rejuvenating concentrate of Vitamin B3, B5 and B9. A multi B vitamin infusion which visibly targets problematic skin to correct and regenerate the complexion.

Each results driven ritual features a moisture locking double cleanse, whipped fruit mineral exfoliation, a redefining berry emulsion formulated with niacinamide (B3), panthenol (B5) and folic acid (B9) to improve immunity, target pigmentation and correct problematic skin.

Skin is replenished with a professional contour masque showcasing over 2,000mg of exotic berry concentrate including goji, acai and elderberry along with folic acid and vitamin C.


Marula Honey Spa Facial
60 minutes

REPLENISHING | HEALING IMMUNE BOOSTING for dry, devitalised and irritated skin types

Exotic marula oil drizzled in local honey by neighbourhood apiarist ‘Bee One Third’ delivers a rejuvenating skin treat good enough to eat. Raw cacao is whipped into an immune boosting blend of beta glucan, marshmallow and colloidal oatmeal to regenerate and strengthen skin.

Each results driven ritual activates concentrates of skin renewing botanicals and vitamins to enhance cellular metabolism and boost the skins natural immune function. Signs of ageing are visibly reduced to promote a smoother, dewy and more youthful complexion.

This golden skin treat is finished with an infusion of anti-ageing vitamins, aromaceuticals and a performance organic chocolate masque laden with oatmeal, vanilla bean and pure vitamin C

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