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Anti-Ageing Travel Essential Collection SPACEUTICALS by Waterlily


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This cutting edge Travel sized collection is botanically active to combat the signs of ageing while delivering a naturopathic skin care solution for a beautiful and glowing complexion lifelong.  

Bio Cleansing oil 30ml - Argan oil, Mandarin Peel, Tocopherol

This non-comedogenic skin conditioner is rich in antioxidants, omega oils and antibacterial aromaceiticals of lime, mandarin and tangerine peel to moderate sebum while clarifying and nourishing the skin.

Lactic Cleanser 30ml - L-Lactic Acid 10%, Fermented Papaya, Neroli Flower

A creamy smoothing formula enriched with L-Lactic Acid blended with fermented papaya and extract of liquorice and apple to redefine tone while enhancing texture and hydration.  Enriched with neroli and grapefruit to reveal a luminous complexion.

Plasma Repair 15ml - Beta Glutan, Milk thistle, folic acid 

A cellular plasma of essential ocean minerals and trace elements with immune boosting beta glucagon and antioxidant resveratrol blended with folic acidto stimulate DNA repair while super nutrients nourish and restructure skin.

Q10-Omega Serum 15ml - Ubiquinone 1%, Red Raspberry, Desert Lime

a powerhouse formula of coenzyme-Q10, alpha lipoid acid and vitamins A + E with potent omega seed oils to reverse wrinkles, target UV damage, stimulate cellular repair and boost collagen to visibly rejuvenate skin.