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Tuscan Tan™

Self Tan Application Mitt


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When it comes to applying self tan products, the best advice Tuscan Tan can give you is; invest in a Self Tan Application Mitt. For such a small investment you’ll be amazed at the difference this little red mitt makes. 

Firstly it prevents the most obvious of all self tan application mishaps, STAINED HANDS. Secondly, it allows you to evenly spread and blend the product over your skin for a streak free and professional looking finish. 

The mitt is made of fabric and velvety soft flocking on the outer with a protective stain proof film on the inside and fits snugly on your hand. It cleans easily and is re-usable. 

One size fits all.

To use: 

  1. For best results, apply to clean, dry, exfoliated skin. 

  2. Remove the Self Tan Application Mitt from its packaging, then place the mitt on your hand with the velvet side under your palm. Apply your Tuscan Tan Self Tan product of choice onto the velvet side. 

  3. We recommend that you start with your legs first, however before you begin, take note that tanning product should only ever be applied sparingly to knees, ankles and feet as these areas tend to be drier and will absorb more product, so leave these areas until last. 

  4. Start by spreading the product over your lower legs, quickly sweeping the mitt in a circular motion blending as you go. Add more product to the mitt and apply in the same way to the upper leg areaFinish by lightly massaging the mitt over your knee, ankle and top of your foot. Don’t add any more product to the mitt when doing these areas as the residual on the mitt will be more than enough. 

  5. Next move onto the torso area using the same careful process of spreading and blending the product evenly. Apply more product throughout application as required. 

  6. Apply to your décolletage and neck next being carful to blend around jaw line.  

  7. Move onto your arms leaving the elbows, wrists and hands until last as again these areas tend to be drier and will absorb more product.  

  8. Using the residual remaining on the mitt, finish by lightly sweeping the mitt over your elbows, wrists and top of hands. Be sure to bend and spread fingers out to avoid white knuckle creases and webs. 

  9. To clean the mitt, wash in warm soapy water, rinse and lay flat to dry.